Organise Your Home Office Day (go paperless)

It was ‘Organise Your Home Office’ Day on Tuesday 14th March 2017. So what’s the quickest way to organise your office? Go paperless!
‘That’s great, but what about my tax records?’ We hear you think.
Have you considered using Receipt Bank?
You can snap a picture of your taxi receipt or fuel docket using the app.
You can forward the invoice from your wonderful bookkeeper by email,
or scan your 20 page Telstra bill and drag & drop to upload.
Their magic computers scan the documents for all the key data and type it up for you – all ready to import into Xero as a spend money or purchase bill to be paid.
No more data entry #effortlessbookkeeping!

Contact us to see if we can streamline (pardon the pun!) your data entry, so your office can be organised everyday!