Start a Rumour Day

If you start a rumour today, make it a good one!
You haven’t told someone to buy their new family car in their business name because they can claim the GST have you? Without mentioning FBT implications, or the need to keep a logbook?
Don’t be the guy at the pub telling everyone it’s a good idea to buy the drinks because they can claim it as a tax deduction. It’s not really a good idea.
If you’re the one at the BBQ telling people they don’t need to keep a tax invoice, because they’ve paid by credit card – pipe down, you’re wrong!

Instead, why not tell people that moving to cloud apps like Xero saves time and hassles.
Perhaps mention the benefits of going paperless with Hubdoc or Receiptbank.
Or support your friend who has started up a great new business by talking about it with your network.

Start a rumour that promotes and helps your friends, don’t help get them locked up!

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