Stress Awareness Day

If you are a small business owner, you’re probably fully aware that DIY bookkeeping causes stress!

What can you do to lower your blood pressure?
Get a BAS agent on your team! A BAS agent is a licenced bookkeeper who has insurance and entitles you to safe habour provisions with the ATO – that should help you sleep at night.

Can’t afford dental work due to teeth grinding?
Delegating tasks you’re not awesome at will save both time and heartache. A bookkeeper can manage payables & receivables, e-filing of documents and payroll.

Jangled nerves can’t take another round of payment summaries?
BAS agents are able to reconcile your payroll accounts and draft payment summaries for your staff, all you need to do is review and approve.

What if you’ve lost your mojo?
Who can you speak to about your business? Your bookkeeper knows all about your business and probably a fair bit about you too! Ask questions, discuss your vision and work together to find better ways to do things. BAS agents work with other businesses with similar issues, they’ve seen the good, the bad & the ugly. Take the time for a chat before small business stress overwhelms you.

If you are all too aware that stress is getting the better of you, call on a BAS agent to see if they can calm you down and invigorate your business.

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