Tradesmen Day

Shout out to all the tradies!

We have no idea how to fix a leaking toilet, build a pool, let alone build a whole house!
However, we do know bookkeeping.
Tradies who spend all day on the tools, shouldn’t have to spend all night or the weekend on the books. Or enlist their other half to manage it all.

Is the backseat of your carffice (car office) a mess? Covered in receipts? Perhaps your carbon book is lurking in there somewhere? What if you could create an invoice on your phone or ipad and snap a photo of your receipts using a phone app, and have a team of experts deal with the rest? BAS, IAS, TPAR, STP PAYGW – WTF! NFI? You do you, we’ll manage the books.

We will scope a package just for you – nothing off the shelf with too much or too little support, you’ll know exactly what the cost is each and every month – no big bills at year end, and we won’t invoice you for each call or email – so get in contact with us now!