True Blue Xero

Why do we choose to be true blue xero supporters?

Obviously, we love the product – its true cloud – any device, anywhere, anytime. No issues with mac or PC, no need to install updates or patches, it just works. Xero also has upgrade and downgrade path to suit changes in business circumstances.
What about the cheaper options? We think the price is fair for the product you get – in fact most of our clients used to pay more for their old desktop software.
As long time users, we are able request enhancements and help guide the development of the product we use everyday.

Xero is a local business (NZ/AU), they’re on the ASX and have been GST registered for years, and paying taxes here. They employ plenty of aussies.

Xero provide tools and education to lift the skill and professionalism of the whole industry.
Our business has changed dramatically since we jumped on board in 2012. Not only do we have practice and lodgement software available to us for no extra cost, we also have events and training to help us use the product and support us as business owners.
A strong online and IRL community has really grown for xero partners. We’ve been supported by wonderful account managers – in person, by email, by phone and on social media.
All this support not only benefits us, but in turn it means our clients are receiving a better, more professional service than ever.

Business app connections 700+ apps provide the option of total business solutions which can eliminate double handling of data and lift the game of SMEs everywhere without having to pay upfront for expensive custom software. Small businesses can now have better tech and business systems than the big guys and they are often agile enough to implement them quickly.

Rather than be the jack of all softwares – we’re focusing on mastering just one.
In fact, you could say we’re true blue xero!