What tripe!

Have you ever had to yell out ‘What tripe!’ on World Tripe Day, or any other day?

Tripe is how we’d describe some ‘cloud’ products. If you have to install software before you can use it – it’s not cloud, it’s hosted.
Why do we love cloud accounting software?

Cloud products work on an iPad – without an app.

What happens if your computer gives you the blue screen of death?
Pinch someone else’s or run down the shops and grab a new one, connect to the internet and you’re away!

Got a PC in the office and a mac at home?
(Or perhaps your bookkeeper uses the opposite to you)
No problem!

What if an update is released?
The new features are automagically there when you login next.
No need to download updates on all your machines.

So say ‘what tripe’ to anyone who tries to tell you cloud and hosted are the same. They’re not!

If your ready for Xero’s cloud, we can help you make the switch.