Why do we choose Receiptbank?

We choose to partner with Receiptbank to help keep our clients compliant – with the minimum of fuss (for all of us).

It’s super easy for our clients to use – just snap a picture with the phone app or forward the email you receive to your dedicated email address. That’s it.
We’ll do the rest (and chase you up for the missing tax records).

Receiptbank helps us accurately record GST on expenses – especially those tricky mixed supply expenses like insurance and staff amenities. No need to fear the wrath of the ATO for over claiming GST credits.

Utilising the cloud app means everyone has the freedom to work wherever they like. Our client can be in their office/home office/serviced office or traveling across town in a taxi or interstate and all the source data is being captured in real time.
We no longer need to travel to the clients office to view the documents, so we can offer a more frequent services, our team have the option of working from home too.

Record keeping is taken care of.
Receiptbank stores your records for minimum of 7 years, but also pushes a copy into xero. The source data is available for our clients to review, for us to see and the accountant can also validate – without a courier or papercut in sight!
An audit doesn’t need to become armageddon – everything is searchable and downloadable – easy!
Win Win Win!

The benefits of Receiptbank – in just 3 words:

And that’s why we’re gold partners with Receiptbank. Contact us if you’d like some of that for yourself!