World Password Day

How secure is your password and therefore your business data?
Small businesses seem to be easy targets for scammers, so how can you protect your business?

Have a long password or passphrase – ideally 11 characters or more, it would take a bot 10 years to crack it.
Don’t use the same password for everything, once it is compromised the scammer will use the email address and password combo on a number of different sites hoping for access.
And never share your password with anyone (we see this too often).
Add another layer of protection with 2FA/2SA. 2 Step / Factor Authentication relys on a second device (phone or token) generating random codes.
Use secret questions (and don’t share those answers on Facebook quizzes!)

Take some time to review your data security and update your passwords to passphrases. (And maybe don’t stick your new password to your computer screen)