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2018 – What a year!

2018 has been a massive year for us – we’ve definitely earned our Christmas holidays! 🏖🏝
It’s hard to imagine what 2019 will hold, we do know that we will be using cloud tech to support our clients to ‘streamline’ their business processes.
Cheers to the new year! 🥂

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Today’s the day the teddy bears have their picnic

If you’ve got employees, you should be aware that group certificates (or individual non-business payment summaries in the new lingo) need to be distributed to staff by 14th July. STP finalisation is due by 14th July for business with 20 or more staff, business with 19 or fewer staff have

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Library Workers Day

That’s us! We work with ‘the books’ so we must be library workers 😉 If your local public library still exists, you’ll notice that things are changing, just like they are for bookkeepers and their clients. Single Touch Payroll is coming soon and it requires you to upload records to

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Super! (again)

Contributions for your employees for the January to March quarter are due (at the fund) by 28th April. If you are using the ATO clearing house – make sure you use the new payment options! If you are using Xero’s clearing house – make sure you pay 7 days prior

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Employee Legal Awareness Day

Are you aware of the your legal obligations as an employer on Employee Legal Awareness Day?
What are the legal implications of getting it wrong?
Don’t forget award and NES standards, workplace safety…..
Happy Employee Legal Awareness Day! (If is possible to be happy when your head is swimming)

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Group Certificates

Don’t forget to reconcile your payroll accounts and then provide group certificates (or individual non-business payment summaries – it really rolls of the tongue, doesn’t it?!) to your employees by this Friday 14th July. Make sure you have permission (in writing) from your employees to send them by email, otherwise

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Employee Super

Have you paid super on behalf of your employees? Payment for the January-March quarter must be received by the employees fund on or before 28th April. (allow extra transfer time because of the public holiday)

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