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2021 Payroll finalisation

STP finalisation for staff is due by 31st July – make sure you reconcile your payroll accounts BEFORE you press the button.
If we manage the whole payroll shebang for you, we have reconciled your accounts and need your permission to finalise – make sure you review and sign.
If we are supporting you, but you are the STP submitter for your business, we have sent you instructions on how to finalise.
Who? What? When? Where? Why? Reach out if you need a hand to sort out your payroll!

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Gruntled Workers Day

Disgruntled workers aren’t great in your business, but how do you keep your workers gruntled?
Are they wanting flexible working conditions?
When granting flexible options for your team – make sure you are not up for unexpected extra costs.

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Group certificates for staff

Shortly your staff may ask you for a Group Certificate/Payment Summary. Staff will not be receiving any documentation from you, Group Certificates have been replaced by Income Statements under the STP system. An annual ‘STP Finalisation’ to the ATO by 14th July. Staff will be able to access details in their MyGov account. Personal tax

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Streamline Management Croc Day

Croc Day

What a croc!
Did you hear the one about all purchases from Bunnings being tax deductible? Not to mention Officeworks.
Only licenced agents are allowed to give tax advice – assume free advice is a croc of s#@t and designed to sell you something.
Next time you get free tax advice from anyone other than your expert – say what a croc and run away in your safety footwear.

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Nothing to Fear Day

Have you gotten yourself into a bit of a muddle and are frightened to ask for help for fear of looking like a fool?
Relax – we’ve seen some real doozies.
You might be a few years behind, have incomplete records, perhaps you aren’t really sure how GST works, or don’t know much about managing a team of workers – none of that shouldn’t stop you from reaching out for assistance.

We’ve been helping small business owners straighten out their records and get systems in place since 1997. We can help you too.

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Can’t pay your March 2021 BAS?

If your March BAS is ready – Lodge!

If you cannot pay in full – arrange a payment plan with the ATO.
Even if you can’t pay the BAS, it is important to lodge on time – late lodgement could result in fines. And those fines escalate for habitual offenders.
Payment plans can be created using an automated phone service – you don’t have to explain yourself to a human.

Lodge now!

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EOFY super contributions

To qualify for a tax deduction in the 2021 financial year,
if you are managing your super cap, super contributions must be received (by fund) by 30th June
The usual deadline of 28th July still applies for June quarter super if you are not chasing the tax deduction or maximising your super cap.

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World Telecommunications Day

If you are upgrading your phone to something a little more modern – you’ll need to transfer your 2 step authenticator BEFORE you lock yourself out of all your cloud apps!

Ask us for help so you don’t temporarily lose access to xero.

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Small Business Day

How much fun is owing a small business??!
Sometimes small business owners forget they are not the company – it is a separate entity. That means money in the business bank account is not your money.

What if I want some more money – what should I do?
Step 1 – speak to your expert, there are a few options and they have different tax consequences, you’ll need to budget for tax payable.
The tax office has produced a fact sheet to give you a basic overview.

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